Why Stop with the bed of your truck? Get a bedliner paint job tooday!


Pickup owners are looking for a new opportunity in spray-in bedliners. They can cover their entire truck with the vinyl-like substance and not just the bed.

Aftermarket bedliners have been a small part of the automotive industry for years. They provide a protective coating to protect pickup beds from scratches and dents. It is now a popular choice for car owners who desire a more masculine appearance.

Jesus Aguiniga, a Whittier, Calif. resident, says that he likes the overall look and the ruggedness of his Toyota Tundra 2010 as he watches it get sprayed with bedliner material at an ArmorThane Protective Coatings location. This is one of many shops in the country that specializes in spraying bedliners.

This trend is still quite young. Chad Faught, a spokesperson for ArmorThane, said that applicators across the country are reporting that they get sporadic requests to do a complete body spray job. It's not surprising that the "craze" is a natural progression of the bedliner industry.

Pickups are not the only ones getting this treatment. She says that some customers brought in ATVs, tractors, golf carts and other off-road vehicles to help with the job. To give their vehicle a military appearance, some choose to go beyond a dull dark gray. Customizers are now using matte paint colors to give their vehicles a darker appearance than the traditional glossy paint.

However, the cost of this procedure is not cheap. ArmorThane's total cost for a body spray varies from $1,500 to $4,000. Faught states that this compares to $450 to $550 for a standard spray bedliner.

He adds that it should still last the life of the vehicle. The pickup's owners will no longer have to wax them. Off-roaders will be especially pleased that there won't be any scratches from tree branches and other hazards on their pickups. The coating is approximately one-sixth of an inch thicker than a standard paint job.

The idea of coating an entire vehicle with bedliner paint is slowly becoming popular. Faught states that it's for the "guy who wants something completely new." ArmorThane sprayed a Chevrolet Camaro inside and out with bedliner to generate interest. It can be seen on the door panels, dashboard and engine parts.

ArmorThane, a national bedliner service based in Springfield Missouri, is not the only one to notice the phenomenon. Rival Rhino Linings is based in San Diego and says that its customers are also showing interest.

We are seeing more customers asking us about spraying their cars' exteriors. Jenny Clifford, a spokeswoman, says that customers think the spraying gives their vehicle a rugged, tough look. Spraying the entire vehicle with paint, which is labor-intensive, will cost more than $3,500, she estimates.

Clifford says, "We love to see new applications with our product. When it's done properly."

Aguiniga, 27 years old, says that he was convinced by the ruggedness and durability of a bedliner after he had seen it in action. He works in construction and demolition and often has to haul concrete bags or other materials that can cause damage on trucks.

He said he is looking forward to no longer having to do the routine cleaning of his truck. "I can save money on car washes."

Interested in getting a full-body bedliner paint job? Contact ArmorThane today!

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