You'Re probably wondering why is the interior in my garage today we are going to be bed lining the interior of the Jeep. I have some supplies here. I want to try to do it. The cheap route seems to be kind of. The motif of my channel is how you can customize a jeep on a budget, so I got this rest only on truck bed coating. This was like $ 45 and I got the applicator kit great. You can just buy the pieces, but for the convenience. I got this and I'll go over what it comes with, so I'm pretty much go to the interior to about 30 minutes who's. Bad seats are pretty heavy, so if you're gon na do it yourself just know that, but also I have some small biceps so take that, for your account, so I got left is to take off the driver's seat in the the driver's seat in the passenger seat And the doors - and I should be ready to go then I'll start the masking process and the whole sanding process. So I'm gon na go ahead and get right into it. I have a really tight schedule, so let me go ahead and get right into it and get those seats out all right, so the Jeep is fully gutted and ready to be sanded. Third, actually let me take these pieces off. Okay, it's ready to be sanded signed real light. All the way throughout, not much to be said, zip tie all the harnesses up, so they don't get in the way and yeah. So I'm just and I'm going to use some 80 grit sandpaper. This should just be good enough to scuff it up to get this stuff to bond and then from there on I'll check in with you guys in a second, when I start unboxing the applicator kit and get ready to put on the the coding Music ]. All right, so I hit all of this with 80 grit and now, if you guys notice that the tubs aren't sanded and that's because I'm only doing the bottom layer, so you see this little seam right here. It kind of looks like a glued seam right here. If you guys are familiar with that, what that is so I just did the whole floor pan. I guess you would call it nothing here, nothing on the sides, but just this just this area. So there are some big rust areas right here on my Jeep, so and and also right here that was on both sides. So if you have a Jeep, you probably have those same problems, or maybe it's just mine's just like that. But anyway, so I hit with a tee pretty hard. There aren't that many, a shiny places anymore, mostly all its dull, and so next I'm going to go ahead and hit it with this scotch brite pad it's like a abrasive type of pad. It came with the you came with a kit that I got the applicator kit and that was 11 dollars, but I'll go over all that after I finish, but I'm gon na here with this again just in case, if I've missed anything and also this will smooth Out a little bit of those rough cuts and yeah, so it honestly won't be a super big deal. Now. If I have a bunch of rough cuts because uh the bedliner is very thick and it's textured, so huh it'll hide a lot of crimes that I do as far as sanding does goes but um, so I'm gon na go ahead and get to this I'm sorry. I haven't been filming that much but honestly, it's just sanding and masking and very tedious work, and I know you guys won't watch all that, so I'm gon na go ahead and get to sanding and then I will check in with you guys when it's time to Mask off [, Music ], so just have a air compressor. You guys don't have one of these and you can use a vacuum wash or something like a shot back and just blow out all that sanding dust and any debris that may have occurred when you're sanding. So I'm gon na go over this with soapy water, to clear off the grease and dirt and pick up some of the rest of the particles that I've missed and then it'll be time to roll it on all right. So I'm starting to mask off the stuff - and there are some holes that I don't want the bed letter to go in, because that stuff is pretty thick and if it gets in there, then you might have a problem. So what you want to do? A quick, little tip is get some foil from your mom's house. Don'T tell them that you're doing this because they might get a little mad at you, but you don't need that much and you just kind of wrap it up and stick it in the hole. This allows you to take it all out of one piece as opposed to masking tape. Sometimes it just falls apart, and also. This is super cheap too, like this stuff is very, very inexpensive and also after you're done bed lining. You got to pull out all your masking tape, real easy, just pull it out, but it's no big deal go around to all the holes that you need to be blocked off and there it is right there so also on here. I might as well tell you. I want to mask off all these little posts right here, and this is where the harness clicks into the grounding points here and anything that I don't yet pin the threaded portion of the holes. I'M gon na make a square portion make a rough outline here. All right, then, I'm gon na get my blade and make a real precise square around these holes. Of course you can do whatever shape you. You fancy boys when you take your tape off, looks pretty good, then, once I have all this painted. Oh look really really. Neat and awesome, as opposed to just doing like like this you'll, see these serrated edges and it just won't look clean and it just won't look right, so I'm gon na go ahead and keep masking off all that stuff. Just like that I'll show you again right here honestly, masking is a very important step. The more time you spend on prep, the better it's gon na turn out, and that's just a fact. It'S probably 30 minutes or so so let me get to it and I'll check in with you guys when it's time to when I'm done with this all right, we're all masked off and ready to go. I might actually push this here, good all right. So now we're there, everything is masked off, as you guys can see now it's time to go over there and must that applicator kit all right. So I got this truck bed coating, applicator kits. This is like $ 12 from Walmart, and what inside it comes with that scotch-brite that I showed you guys earlier, a paint brush a roller. You guys I have to assemble myself, which is perfectly fine I'll, do that in a minute and roll a tray and yeah. It should be pretty straightforward: I'm going to use the brush to get the hard to get places first and then I'm gon na get the roller and then just start applying it thoroughly. I don't really have a a proper mixing stick, so this piece of rebar will have to do I'm gon na start. Mixing all right seems right, so I'm gon na pour a little bit into here. I get the party started. Gosh come on all right. The first coat is done. I took off the masking. Tapes have been put on some new masking tape, so I did it so I didn't harden over any of the holes and stuff so yeah, so it looks pretty light right now again, I got ta, add some more coats and it's a little heavy. It'S all uneven. Honestly, I should just opt it for the spray paint cans, but I use about half of the big, a gallon thingy, the gallon tank, so I'm just gon na use the rest of it here. I waited about two hours for this to kind of harden up. It'S pretty hard right now, but this is a very thin layer. So now I can just lather on the rest, but I'm still gon na take my time and I'll check in with you guys when the second coat is done all right. So the second coat is done point like thirty minutes or so for this kind of attack up it kind of set it in place, then I'll take off the masking tape everywhere and yeah. So so far this is taken a couple hours about four or five hours. So this this should be fully hard and dry, I'm in about 24 hours. So I don't know I'll need this car before then so I'll, probably wait a couple hours and see if it's okay to just drop the seats in and stuff, so overall really really simple. I just slather on the rest of it. I just got ta like put it in a cup and then just poured it out and lathered it really thick. So I can get a really good layer of bedliner on there, as you guys can see. It'S kind of its kind of uneven in some places, but that's fine! It'S not really an aesthetic mod. The carpet will be going back over it, so anyways alright. So it is about 24 hours later and well. I was kind of dusty this morning, but all of it is was hardened up. You guys can see. I missed a few spots, but overall it looks pretty good for a DIY for 50 dollars. So you guys go. I'M gon na give you guys a full look around, but this is pretty straightforward. All you got to do is just you know, prep it well and gutting. The interior is actually really easy. Just take off the bench seat, the seat, the actual passenger and driver's seat, and then you want to remove this seat belt from the driver seat in the passenger seat and that has a Torx Torx on it. Trucks 45. I believe and then remove all the drain plugs cover up all the holes and then once you do that it's all pretty much just painting like I said it's pretty dusty, so you know a little bit of dust on there and so that's what it looks like. I'M gon na go ahead and quickly, throw together the in the seats and all that stuff and then and then we'll clean, the dash and stuff and and then I'll show you when it's all done. So let me get into that. So I was trying to wipe off all this dirt, but then I was like you know what why don't I just wash it out and show you guys the process, because I know a bunch of you guys did have not ever done this overkill before so I'll. Show you guys how the draining system works while I'm already doing all this stuff, so all the electrodes are out of the way. I always make sure I don't spray in any of these plugs or anything so yeah. Let me get into spring sing down, as you guys see it all kind of runs down to these vent holes well used to kind of mess it up with the bed line and I think, but usually kind of accumulates and it drains out pretty well anyways. I'M gon na go ahead and dry this until the interior back in all right. So it's a couple days later, I've had time to drive around with the Jeep and kind of get my thoughts on how I like the mod and what I would change and stuff like that, so I'm gon na go ahead and go over it real quick. I know I didn't do a real good job of recording the whole process, but it was basically I'm just taking out everything so quickly. How you take out the seats. Is this four bolts per front and driver's seat or the driver and passenger seat 18 millimeter bolts? Those come out really easy. The seats are really light. You will have to take off your headrest before you remove them. You kind of hit the the ceiling and you run into a problem so and then, after that, you guys have seen me take out these bowls before and that seat recline kit, but again they're 18 millimeter bolts, four in the front three in the back, and then You want to come around to here and then undo, one two and three, those are also 18 millimeters and then the whole back seats come out. That'S pretty they're, pretty heavy, honestly, maybe 60 50 or 60 pounds. Maybe, but it's just such a long wait and also it's kind of hard to keep all the seats kind of in one plane. So it's a little difficult and then, after that, it's really as simple as taking out the carpet in the back. Here you want to get a size four, I believe Allen hat allen key and then take out all these little d-ring holders or six of them all around the rear here and then, once that comes out, you can take out these panels. They pop out there's one ten millimeter nut holding this panel in, and this one two in that too, that all that pops out the carpet just comes out. You just pull it out. You will have to make an incision right here, as you guys can see. You will just have to cut that from the factory they put the carpet in first then the seat, so they don't have to cut it or anything like that, and it's also easier from a manufacturing perspective and then also you have to take off these side panels Or at least I did, if you're really careful with a brush, then you won't need to, but I did because sometimes I'm a little sloppy with my paint so easy enough. You just pop it out. There are a bunch of push tabs that all broke for me, but I don't really mind too much and again. The carpet in the front comes out really easy. They are, I don't know if you guys can see in there there's a little gray pushpin. Those just click in super super easy and they pop out and then the carpet comes out, and after that I took out the drain, plugs and then masked off. There are two wiring harnesses under each seat. It may be different for you. If you have heated seats or different types of seats, but mine they're, just the most basic seat, you have so there's just one harness plug for each and real easy. There'S a grounding a grounding eyelet on each side. So I just unscrew that 10mil and then I just zip tied it up to the steering wheel and that grab handle there so got out of my way after that I just masked off everything I didn't want to do and that's kind of when I started recording, But for sixty-five dollars, it's really really nice. I really like it. It'S a denims really! Well and honestly, it just adds durability and maybe structural rigidity, because it actually adds more rigidity to the body. It'S not a unibody construction, but maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't, you guys will have to miss bus that for me, but overall a really easy mod. The only thing that's difficult and kind of tasking is taking out the whole interior. But again the Jeep Wrangler is super super simple interior design. So, like I said, there's only like maybe even 15 bolts total yet to take out and they're really distinctive, so you don't have to really mess around with them all the seat. Bolts are interchangeable, they all have the same pitch and pretty much the same length. Of course, it's not anything like a line X or a rhino liner or an epoxy type of bed liner, where you have to do a mixing. I trade up just use the gallon from Walmart and the applicator kit. The applicator kit wasn't that great honestly, I only the paintbrush and the scotch-brite. So if you just want to go out to the Dollar Tree or Walmart and get you a paintbrush, it's really easy. I the roller it didn't really work well for me and honestly, if I was gon na revisit revisit this again, I would use a spray paint can or type of spray, so you can get a very, even coat, I'm not really good at hand painting. So, that's probably why my results weren't as good as I I wanted them to be, and that gallon that big, gallon tank per container will give you two layers, or at least gave me two layers again. If I was gon na revisit this again, I would probably do one more layer, one more really thick layer, I'm just personal preference, but the to lay down really really well, and I was kind of impressed. I did a little bit of testing that I didn't record. I threw a bunch of tools on it and stuff like that to see if it would scratch or to see how durable it is, and it actually works really. Well, you guys might remember. I use that same bedliner on the rock rails and the some of the body parts on my Jeep. Those videos came out like a year and a half ago, or so so I'll go ahead and link them in the video right now. But I threw the car backing and stuff like that, and this is a one of those mods where you can just take the carpet out and chunk the carpet. But I like the carpet. It gives it a nice creature, comfort that I really really love and I just really like it, so I think that'll be the end of the video if you have any questions or concerns or comments and I'll do my best to answer them. I read every single comment and with that this should be the end of the video go ahead and liked it. If you liked it comment, questions your concerns, like I just said, subscribe, the channel you haven't already. I have a lot of lot of cool mods coming up, so go ahead and stay tuned for that and with that I'll see you guys later peace, [, Music, ], you [, Music, ],