What'S going on YouTube Bobby Hill back again, anyways we've got another video for you today, we're gon na go ahead and start on the new hunting rig. I took the Dooley out hunting a few weekends back came back after we stock some pigs and those cows. All over it, I can't have cows all over it. It'S gon na mess, my truck up anyway. My cousin had a truck that I purchased from him. So GMC Sierra 4-wheel Drive crew cab, low half-ton. It'S all. I need to get around we're gon na go ahead and spray our bed line it. I'M gon na put some little mud grips on it stuff just enough to get me around out in the woods and the pastures be good to go, but we're gon na be using a raptor liner researched a bunch of different products, wrapped in liner with some stuff. There'S the truck back there for them, anyways like sitting with my cousins. It was my other cousins before that, so it's staying in the family, if y'all are watching still here, give truck pulled in start taking it apart. A little bit start sanding on it, getting ready for the raptor y'all stay tuned, we'll bring out some more footage. So I got the truck pulled in as you can see the weather. It'S not all that great. Today. It'S about 48 degrees anyways. So the truck he's got a pretty nice paint job on it. I just want to get the spray out bed liner on it, my buddy chatting them they did. There'S the Escalade you see in the other video, so the bedliner stuff holds up. Pretty good of these trucks keeps getting beat up, dinged up scratched up and all that well I'll start getting this thing pulled apart, and my president that I bought this from also has another a single cab truck that we're probably gon na, be doing the same stuff To but he wants to go with like a different color, maybe like an army green, so we'll be doing a video on that y'all stay tuned and we'll take you through the steps. So I'm gon na take these moldings off here and this here's off. I just have to go back over with a razor blade erase your will and get them gone like that smooth finish. So I got this side of the trucks in over here and I realized that I need to go wash the truck because there's mud everywhere in there anyways Jared showed up he's gon na give me a hand that city must learn my cousin and say hello, jerk. Alright, so we're gon na go watch the truck come back. I need to get some shanties need to grab the chamois. No we're gon na come back and then we're gon na finish. Sanding. This truck probably start taping it off and maybe get spray, so Jerry involved here to Santa enjoy the bed. So now he's cleaning the first man Music, ] building donor. Oh, what did you do, whereas take a whole bunch man how much it have 50? It was very good what I was in there. Not a cover got the grill out potato crop, fuckers, [, Music ]. Actually, when Jared's back here in the back stand a bit, let me get back on the moors and step off and then filter. It out understand already got most of the driver's-side man. Music, ], hey man, get it done back there. Yes say two o'clock, this dude still sanded the meantime. I got this bedside sanded the door. Sanded got the z71 emblems taped off taillights out license plate lights off. The chair took third brake light out I'll give him that other that's coming along, be taping it up. In no time slow past midnight mm got truck sanded down about to pry. Some of this out he's in promoter on some of the plastic pieces and let that dry for a little bit mix up the bedliner and then start spraying. I might as well get it down tonight. I'M this far. I got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. So mm we'll go ahead and I get the stuff so got the rafter liner. Here we go, it's got the liner in there the gun and you just unscrew straight onto the the bottles and then you're harden here. Anyways instructions. Well I'll get these. I got two kits hopefully to cover the whole truck. If not, I got one more court right there, we'll give it a whirl see how it does. Tailgate is hanging way up there, so y'all stay tuned, we'll start spraying oh hi, to get out of it. It'S a little after 3:00. In the morning I got done with the truck. Thank God for that respirator. Look! Where stops it paint bed wrapped Atlanta, there's some pretty good stuff man did. I turned out really nice, always the one I had. Did the bumps that stuff to you. I got to get out of here yeah. I got ta put this respirator back on hmm anyways. There we go I'm waiting, sir. Tomorrow let a draught come over here, pull the tape off start, putting back together all right. So it's Monday, I let the truck dry all day Sunday take these wheels off these 18. You know put these Seventeen's. I got on here. These tires are new but ordered some 17-inch mud grips to go on here. There'S the tires, and then I've been kind of short on this. But anyway I got the right size. Mud grips as soon as they come in mud, terrains, I'll, take them down to the tire shop, have a mound of up and go from. There puts em cap back on, hopefully be good. I'Ve ordered some eBay LED light bars to go like all over this thing. So, and not all over and then we'll get those put on, got some new headlights and a black grille coming Tuesday here anyways to get a little bit more progress on the I'm gon na call it the unit hog hunt unit, anyways headlights just came in a While ago so I jumped in the truck ran over here, slapped him in, I put some LED low beam, headlight bulbs in there too, and did a few more things to the church. So here it is, I'm gon na run those wheels right there, but I got some mud grips on the way, so just kind of putting some of my finishing touches on here. I got some center caps with that I've got the back window, the American flag, because America, you know you got to go, got to go off the American flag. The taillights were already brand new. This stuff turned out pretty good man. I, like it headlights, came in got those put on brand new there's the old ones that were kind of faded. These are just brand new straight from eBay about everything off eBay. So hopefully they look pretty good. Those LED headlights. They look pretty good turn them on. For you right there they're pretty bright. I like them. Gon na have nice bright lights at nighttime, so there they go. They were just some of these silver deluxe brand. I think you can get them a NAPA. I got these on eBay together on it and the trucks going along pretty nice. I like it so well as soon as these more parts come in we'll kind of update you LED light bars. I don't really like the light bar that goes over the windshield, but this is a hunting rig, so I'm gon na put one there. I think it's a 52-inch curved and then I got a couple here. I'M gon na put in the end the grill and the bumper. Then I got some flush mount LEDs, the little light cubes that I'm putting the front and back bumpers. And then I probably don't know if I'm gon na make a rack yet or if I'm just gon na mount. I'M gon na get some slim single row LEDs and mount them up here, so I'm shining that way that way to the left right and then to the rear. That way, I can light up everything around me and night when you need the lights, so there you have it project the units, the tactical hog unit, is a is under way. So, if we're getting word here to Wednesday night anyways got some time to come over here, the shop got my WeatherTech mats in. I don't know why the picture that one's tan, but it's actually black it was. I got the floor. Liner, the WeatherTech Floor Liners kind of covered inside of the truck there for the front and the back seat of the unit here, so we're gon na get rid of these. These old mats, here kind of kind of crunchy serve that carpet as much as we can in this truck. You know we bring in a lot of rain right here, so everywhere we've been going been kind of wet. I can't wait. I can't wait for those the the mud grip tires come in because I need to go get those put on. I'M gon na be able to get out and do some hunting. This weekend I got a car show going on over there and Conroe at Lone Star Throwdown. So I got my show truck on the trailer went over to a buddy's house. Thanks to him Chris anyways, we got it on the trailer washed up. We'Re gon na head down there this weekend and then, hopefully, by the time next week, most all my light bars and more part to start showing up for this truck and we'll get it wrapped up and we'll get it off in the woods next weekend or something Alright, so here's the front now that was actually the rear, so Oh where's, our gon na cover all the way under the backseat. This is gon na go outside a little bit. Give me a lot of protection there. These are nice mats, pretty much all my vehicles. My kids vehicles, so I like Jeff, stay tuned, we'll get him in covers the whole floor. That'S what I like about it. So I got the front row WeatherTech mats in but try to get it back. You know what is going on roll. What this thing is here, so we got a box bolted in it's kind of dark in there bolted into the factory seat location. So it's a factory. You know, I don't know if it's a subwoofer, it's got plugs in it. I don't know so much call my cousin ask what that is see how I'm prizes take it out of there and then I go from there anyway stated. Maybe just cut around the WeatherTech mat slide it around. So I got the new headlights in or the D bulbs LEDs, here's the front, that's the front of the shop turn it on that's the low beams and then slow beans with the high beams on some things that are bright. This thing is gon na be lit up at night coming down, though, coming down the road through the pasture, so you have it. I like them all right, so uh we're headed over here to Rodriguez tire right now. Man, like cameras, real dirty anyways, get these tires, got the tires in the bed back. There get them mounted up on the old unit here and then I will come back to you all right. Welcome to Thursday we got thee. The tires man that was pretty good on there mud grips. I think they're called Thunder tracks, anyways it just on a 17 inch wheel. They look pretty good like got a lot of tread, got some sidewall tread anyways took them up there to Rodriguez tire here in Bryan Texas. They got hooked up, mounted bounced off the door in and out always good like that. Then, when I came back home, the grill was in it was waiting on the front porch, so we pulled that out of the box. I still need to put it on the front valence upper bumper valence right there and hopefully throughout the weekend and next week, more than light bars and the roof. I got a roof rack. I don't like roof racks, but they're gon na put one up there. Beach drilling the roof of this truck, still a nice truck, so we will get that done and then keep updating. You stay tuned. Alright, today, a Saturday we're back again, I got some parts that came in, not many as I would like. Anyway, it's got the grill emblem, the GMC when I got a black one, I'll show it to you over here. Anyways Saturday, I just got back from lone Starr. Throw down over that Conroe look car, show and checked it out, took a truck. Put shell got some pretty serious interest in it, so that's good anyways, here's the emblem! I'M gon na get that put on there I'll come back to you. They'Re gon na wrap this video up and then I'm gon na kind of wait for the rest, all the lights, the LED lights to come in and the roof rack and stuff like that and we're gon na make a part two. So y'all stay tuned, we'll just grill in and we'll show you all in the grill looks pretty good. I think anyways here you go like I said I kept a kept a black center with the chrome edges. I thought it kind of it make it stand out. A little bit uh looks real good in there. I still need to get this piece right here. It'S right here. You see it's it's kind of textured, so I'll I'll get that put in first, I got to smooth it down. Put a little Bulldog on the pan base clear, waiting on all the light bars, hopefully they'll, be in this week and the little roof rack I'm gon na put on there. That way, I don't have to drill into the roof and we'll get that video coming to you anyways hope you liked this video. If you did go ahead and hit the subscribe button up, there hit the bell right next to it. Let you know next time I upload a new video and these light bars are stuff starting to kind of roll in here left and right. Alright, so y'all make sure you watch part two, and hopefully we get this thing together and do a little hunting at night time next weekend. I also have a little bit of a surprise. I'M gon na do with some thermal action on this on this thing and watch the next video. Okay, thanks for watching this episode of Bobby kills outdoors we'll see you on the next one.